1. Make sure you Read everything b4 proceed your order.

2. 100% Full payment must be made as the parcel will be post out the following day after payment done.

3. GOOD SOLD ARE NOT RETURNABLE and exchangeable.

4. Any eye problems contracted after wearing lenses bought DOES NOT hold my responsible. ** There's no any problem when i'm wore it.

5. Customers should stop wearing the lens if you develop any side effects. I will NOT hold responsible to any conditions.

6. I will not responsible for any lost and damage in the process of delivery.

7. Please inform after date and time payment done. 100% AUTHENTIC & SAFETY 100% Brand New & Sealed in Original Packing (Bottle) All lenses are supplied directly from Korea!

P/s: Important Info:
** Lens lifespan: 1 year! It last one year from the day you break the seal. 3 years in a bottle when it is not opened.
** If encounter discomfort and other issues, please not continue using it.

Explanation: The human eye's surface appears to be round, but in fact the eye is not smooth. Each eye is different, so not every style contact lenses are suitable for everyone. If you wear contact lenses which had shed tears and other issues, must immediately stop using it. In addition, any brand of COLOR LENS use not more than 5 hours per day. Even without using the lens daily, must be cleaned every day. Wear contact lenses before applying makeup / hair styling products, because even if the hands, and left in hands of the chemical composition of cosmetic products can cause eye irritation. Contact lens case must be replaced every month. Contact lenses can be worn in a year throw, but suggest that you wear only 3-6 months.